Braining Forward

My personal story about the fight against myself. A daily fight yes, but a daily victory in knowing I am the survivor of a TBI(traumatic brain injury). With each day comes a new win.


This is not me you think you see
If only you knew me before the unseen surgery
Please don’t judge
I’m due that chance
To give you a bit of my history
The story of me
How I came to be
A stranger possessing my own being
Ten years ago life was young
Nineteen I jumped on the back of his bike
Helmets on I felt like wind
Fast exit no stop and fear kicked in
Begging for life holding tight
Red and blue followed
Tears fall fear sets in
Petrified as trees from the age of fossils

No memory
Waking with no one by my side
Only wanting to cry
White sheets and long clear tubes
Prisoner inside this hospital room

Scared nearing shock
Why am I here
Mom, thank god
Please don’t leave me

Doctors lecture
Why do they speak
Everything seems foreign to me

Frontal lobe
I’ve fallen but now I must stand

For the old me has passed
But the new has risen

A daily fight
It’s the fight I must win
Brain injury I have
But I won’t let it have me


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