Braining Forward

My personal story about the fight against myself. A daily fight yes, but a daily victory in knowing I am the survivor of a TBI(traumatic brain injury). With each day comes a new win.

Welcome to the Beg. of Me!

For my own reasons, I am choosing to stay anonymous. What is really in a name anyway? A name doesn’t make who the person is but their experiences can.

This blog is meant to serve as my personal story and maybe yours to; my story about who I was before my death to who I am now in my new life. I am the survivor of a TBI(traumatic brain injury), ten years post and counting. Not alone but as with the millions of other TBI survivors, my injury is mine since as with people, no two TBIs are alike.

August 2002 was when the horrific motorcycle accident happened and today I still live with the scars of that tragic day. Every day is a battle against myself and I am actually glad I get to share this battle with you, the reader.

My blog will focus on my past, present, and future. Besides my story alone, a wealth of other brain injury information will be shared including lists of books to read, other blogs to browse, and sites to seek.

So, welcome. Welcome to my life.


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